Lighted Ear Curettes and Tweezers with Magnification!

The Lightbeam® ear curettes system is intended to aid in the removal of cerumen from the ear canal.
Easily Rechargeable Light Source

Reduce light source replacement costs

Patented Threaded Curette Connection

No concerns over accidental ejection

Innovative and Patented Tweezer Attachment
Eight Different Curette Tips
Competitively Priced

New #10 Tamper Curette
Great for inserting otoblocks.

LightBeam Winner–Hearing Technology Innovator

About LightBeam Rechargeable Curettes

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The Lightbeam kit includes a rechargeable base for the light source. The tweezers, magnifier, and curettes are made of polycarbonate and come in variety of shapes. These disposable curettes are numbered for easy reordering.

Complete Starter Kit

50* total curettes + 1 Light Source + 1 Magnifier + Charging Base, USB Cable, Adapter
* Six (6) each of 8 different curettes + Two (2) Tweezers


Refill Kits

  • 50 pk #1 Lighted Oval Loop
  • 50 pk #2 Lighted Small Spoon
  • 50 pk #3 Lighted Scoop
  • 50 pk #4 Lighted Small Tri-loop
  • 50 pk #5 Lighted Large Circle Loop
  • 50 pk #6 Lighted Large Spoon
  • 50 pk #7 Lighted Small Circle Loop
  • 50 pk #8 Lighted Narrow Spoon
  • 50 pk #9 Lighted Tweezers
  • 50 pk Variety Pack *
    *Six (6) each of 8 different curettes
    + Two (2) Tweezers

LightBeam Instructions


LightBeam has a manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year.

This warranty covers any defect in material or faulty production, specifically excluding all curettes and tweezers, normal wear and tear, or by misuse or use of the product for other than its intended purpose. Any and all warranties are invalidated if the LightBeam charger, light source, power adapter, or cable has been tampered with or altered in any way, or if any repairs have been made without authorization. The manufacturer reserves the right to repair or replace the defective part, at manufacturer’s expense, within the limits of the warranty.

Warranty service must only be performed by an authorized service center. Service performed by any unauthorized personnel voids all warranties.

Contact Ear Technology Corporation  |  1-800-327-8547 or for service.

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